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About Us


Developed by One Belt (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Mallhaha’s goal is to give foreigners the opportunity to exchange, communicate and establish them selves in China. Keeping that in mind, Mallhaha’s priority is to help foreigners solve their difficulties and help them to have a better experience in China. 

The platform offers different services such as real-time language translation support services, visa processing for work, student and business visas and also other services such as accommodation, train and airline reservations. Foreigners can also find many job opportunities at Mallhaha ranging from full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships from all around China. 

Mallhaha is also an e-commerce platform that connects sellers with buyers helping them communicate with each other exchanging physical goods, services and memberships. 




• At Mallhaha our vision is to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world.
• Help create a world where culture, traditions and opportunities can be shared equally in all corners of the planet.
• Bring the world together in mutual collaboration, integrating societies and creating development for all.
• Give people from all corners of the world equal opportunities to prosper irrespective of race, religion or beliefs.
• Bring down cultural barriers, integrating the world and fostering cooperation between societies.
• Promote and develop strong relationship between the world and China.
• Passion: Our goal is driven by our will to help the next.
• Accountability: Ensure everyone with a need can count on us.
• Commitment: Always deliver the best opportunities.
• Focus: Our mind is set on our mission.
• Dedication: Continuously improve our tools for helping foreigners.