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New channel International Education Group Limited) is an international language education institution jointly founded by a group of domestic and foreign language training elites and experts and scholars led by Professor Hu min, a famous leader in Chinese English training and English education expert. IDG and Kaplan International Education Group, a world-famous education and training institution, participate in strategic investment.
Under the jurisdiction of the new channel, there are more than 20 institutions, including education and culture development company, language and culture communication company, training school, overseas study service center, online education, "fast learning" personalized learning center, branches in various provinces and cities, and cooperation units include higher education press, Beijing University, Foreign Affairs College and other famous academic institutions and well-known institutions.
The new channel aims to build a perfect social English education system in China, takes "I insist, I succeed" as its spiritual connotation, puts forward and adheres to the education concept of "innovation, learning, motivation, passion, fashion", and quickly stands out in the industry with its profound academic foundation, practical teaching style, strong R & D ability and strong enterprising spirit, and its teaching content , books and textbooks, teaching forms, teaching quality, environmental services and other aspects have set up new standards, thus leading the overall upgrading of China's English training industry and creating a successful way for Chinese students.
Five areas
English training field
With a large number of independently developed training materials, Kaplan International Education Group has introduced many years of training research results and its new TOEFL Simulation online test system. It has set up "IELTS dream team", "TOEFL national team", "English dream team for postgraduate entrance examination" and other training teams to provide IELTS, new TOEFL, sat, GRE, English for postgraduate examination, AP, Cambridge Young English, children and children English, oral English, comprehensive English and other quality training courses. Create a personalized learning mode of "learning fast" to meet the various learning needs of different students. By formulating and implementing accurate learning programs, students' performance will be improved by leaps and bounds in a short period of time.
In September 2011, the new channel redefined the new standard of China's English education and training: individualized service for full process teaching assistants in boutique small classes.
Book Field
Up to now, more than 400 kinds of books and audio-visual products have been independently researched and developed, covering examinations and comprehensive English at home and abroad. The distributors are all over the country, and millions of English learners are beneficial to open their books.
Study abroad
With the tenet of "weaving your future with integrity", we will provide high-quality services, show the advantages of Chinese students to foreign colleges and universities, and help a large number of applicants to study abroad realize their dreams.
Children's English
It took five years to build a new channel "paileduo", an English learning system with independent intellectual property rights, which provides a comprehensive solution for Chinese children's off campus English learning.
Network education
New channel network school( )With the goal of building the first network of China English test, relying on the powerful teaching team of the new channel, rich teaching resources and scientific teaching system, we will provide Chinese students with a wealth of remote multimedia network courses including IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, sat, postgraduate entrance examination and other products.
In order to expand business, new channel specially recruits all kinds of personnel. If you want to apply, please send your resume to our company or directly log in to the website, apply through the "talent recruitment" column (please do not send it in the form of attachment), and indicate the applied position.
Company homepage: new channel official website