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Native English speakers

18000-20000 CNY/Month
Nice Environment
Convenient Traffic
Management Specification
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Job NatureFull time
Work Experience1-3 years
NO. Of Hiring2 people
City China - Changsha City/Hunan Province
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Job Description
operating duty:
1. According to the arrangement of the teaching department, compile and prepare the teaching contents on time and in quantity, and complete the teaching tasks;
compile and prepare for teaching contents in time and finish related teaching tasks as required.
2. Work closely with other teachers to create a good teaching environment and prepare corresponding teaching materials;
collaborate closely with other teachers, promote a pleasant teaching environment and make preparation for related training materials.
3. Pay attention to students' learning status and adjust teaching strategies in time;
pay attention to students and adjust instructional strategies in time if needed
4. Participate in teaching seminars
take part in teaching seminars
5. Be responsible for carrying out parental work with the teachers in the class, timely reporting the students' school situation to the parents, and guiding the parents to cooperate with the school in implementing the students' education work;
cooperate with other teachers to make better communication with students’ parents, give them feedback of their children’s performance in school and encourage them to supervise students at home
6. The students are 15-18 years old.
teaching objects: aged from 15 to18
1. Foreign teachers whose mother tongue is English (the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are better), with bachelor degree or above, TEFL certificate, clear and standard pronunciation, and understand Chinese;
native english speakers (applicants who are from the uk, us, australia, new zealand or canada and speak some chinese are given priority) ,a bachelor degree or above, a tefl certificate, good pronunciation.
2. Professional, can mobilize the classroom atmosphere, let students feel that learning English is a happy thing;
responsible and skilled at promoting atmosphere in the class and making students enjoy learning english.
3. Have rich teaching experience, love teaching, strong language expression ability, organizational ability and be able to mobilize the enthusiasm of students
Have rich teaching experience, love teaching, strong language expression ability, organizational ability to mobilize the enthusiasm of students.
4. Have certain teaching skills and classroom control ability, and be good at communicating with students;
with teaching skills and ability to control the class, good at communicate with students
5. Long term development in Changsha is preferred.
applicants who want to stay and develop in changsha are given priority
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