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Foreign trade Sales

15000-20000 CNY/Month
Nice Environment
Annual Bonus
Two days off
Full Insurance
Work on Time
Convenient Traffic
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Job NatureFull time
Work Experience1-3 years
NO. Of Hiring2 people
City China - Beijing City/Beijing City
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Job Description
Job responsibilities:
1. Effectively communicate with existing clients and explore new overseas clients; Promote company related products, achieve sales targets, and create profits;
2. Responsible for collecting and organizing information related to overseas markets, and publishing English versions of relevant promotional products on relevant websites.
3. Understand industry background knowledge and learn relevant knowledge about the products sold. Handle inquiries and quotations well. Based on the company's products, prices, and market strategy, handle the negotiation and signing of contract terms, communicate with relevant departments in a timely manner, ensure the smooth execution of contracts, and ensure timely collection of payments.
4. Regularly organize and submit the latest customer information list, and submit potential projects.
5. Make a good prediction of potential projects so that the company can reasonably arrange the procurement of our products.
6. Collect and understand exhibition information and conferences related to overseas industries, in order to organize participation and collect customer information.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. More than 2 year of relevant work experience in foreign trade sales, with sales experience in the power and new energy industries being preferred;
3. Strong customer communication skills and high business processing skills, with a good team collaboration spirit;
4. Good English proficiency is required, native speakers preferred.

Job Benefits: working visa permission, weekends off, performance bonus, year-end bonus, no overtime, holiday benefits, flexible work, paid annual leave, superior office environment, free coffee and drinks in the tea room, etc.
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