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Foreign teachers

10000-20000 CNY/Month
Nice Environment
Two days off
No Pressure
Live and Food covered
Annual Vacation
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Job NatureFull time
Work Experience1-3 years
NO. Of Hiring2 people
City China - Bijie City/Guizhou Province
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Job Info
Class Students 3-25 Age
5 Days / Week , 5 Hours / Day
Total 3 Classes
The Job Description is supported by the Third Party Translation Website. The Translation Results for Reference Only. Please Communicate with the Recruiter for More Details.
Job Description
Job Responsibilities:
1. Combine Chinese and Western curriculum systems, adopt international teaching concepts and methods, and conduct curriculum design and development;
2. Organization and implementation of course teaching and course related activities;
Actively carry out teaching and research activities, communicate and discuss with foreign teachers, and improve professional skills and course quality;
4. Communicate well with parents at home and school, and timely discuss with the teaching team to follow up the overall development of students.
Job Requirements:
1. Both native and non native language teachers are acceptable, with a bachelor's degree or above
2. At least 2 years of teacher related work experience, overseas or international school work background is preferred;
3. Have strong English expression skills, lively lectures, and a wide range of knowledge;
4. Love the teacher industry, have pioneering thinking, be good at improving the teaching process through teaching reflection, and help students improve their abilities in various aspects.
fringe benefits:
Reimbursement of year-end bonus performance for one international round-trip air ticket after working for more than one year.
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