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Foreign Trade Representative - Myanmar

8000-15000 CNY/Month
Annual Bonus
Full Insurance
Car Allowance
House Allowance
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Job NatureFull time
Work ExperienceUnlimited
NO. Of Hiring3 people
City China - Guangzhou City/Guangdong Province
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Job Info
Class Students 20-30 Age
6 Days / Week , 8 Hours / Day
The Job Description is supported by the Third Party Translation Website. The Translation Results for Reference Only. Please Communicate with the Recruiter for More Details.
Job Description
Okun - simple but not simple
1、 Main work content
1. Responsible for the baking channel market environment of the company's foreign trade, such a******buffet, etc;
2. Find out the dealer environment, and select several suitable dealer partners for each market;
3. New customer development refers to terminal bakery, catering and other stores, including individual stores, regional chain stores and non cooperative national chain stores;
4. Old customer maintenance refers to the terminal stores that have established cooperative relationship with the company or local dealers.
5. New product promotion refers to the company's new products, or products that have not been sold locally, or products that have been sold but have been taken off the shelves.
6. The maintenance of customer information refers to maintaining good cooperative relationship with local distributors, second batch / zero batch suppliers, chain system and individual end customers.
7. Store activities refer to promotion, roadshow and tasting activities based on the promotion of product popularity, reputation and sales.
8. Market information collection and feedback.
9. Complete monthly, quarterly and annual sales tasks.
2、 Job requirements
1. Bachelor degr******gree is also acceptable.
2. They are between 20 and 26 years old.
3. Must be able to speak English and Minnan is preferred.
4. Experience in Philippine market is preferred.
5. The image is upright and generous, sunny, logical and fluent.
6. Strong pressure resistance, indomitable.
7. Strong self-motivated, want to be successful, want to change the state of family life is preferred.
3、 Salary, benefits and expenses
1. Monthly salary = base salary + commission, comprehensive income 8000-20000 yuan / month (excluding travel).
1.1 the probation period is six months and the base salary is 8000 yuan.
1.2 sales commission: the higher the sales stage, the higher the Commission points.
2. Monthly benefits: five insurances and one fund, employer's liability insurance.
3. Monthly fee
3.1 resident subsidies: 800 yuan / month for non provincial capital cities, 1000 yuan / month for provincial capital cities, 1200 yuan / month for Guangzhou and 1500 yuan / month for Shenzhen.
3.2 visit subsidy: the visit subsidy varies from 10 to 40 yuan for each store according to the size and type of store visited every day, with an average monthly value of about 2210 yuan / month.
4. Travel expenses include accommodation expenses, travel subsidies (linked to the type of visiting customers), long-distance transportation expenses, entertainment / gift / dinner expenses, regional regular meeting expenses, transportation expenses for going home to visit relatives, car maintenance expenses, car oil expenses, etc.
5. Professional training, fast promotion, standardized management, sales team development, team activities.
4、 Products sold and value to customers
1. The semi-finished products of quick-frozen baking include egg tart skin, pastry, crisp, bread, doughnut and frozen cake.
2. First, from the manual workshop mode to the large-scale development of food, it can reduce the waste of raw materials, reduce labor costs and reduce fixed equipment investment.
3. The second value to customers is safe quality, delicious taste and constantly rich product line.
4. The third value to customers is simple but not simple.
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