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Native English teacher

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Management Specification
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Job NatureFull time
Work Experience1-3 years
NO. Of Hiring1 people
City China - Zigong City/Sichuan Province
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Job Info
Class Students 2-6 Age
The Job Description is supported by the Third Party Translation Website. The Translation Results for Reference Only. Please Communicate with the Recruiter for More Details.
Job Description
Job description
Not in China, please do not apply!!!
1. Class requirements: 20 class hours per week
2. Class time: work five days a week, weekend weekend and rest on national legal holidays in China
3. Salary: Interview
4. Teaching tasks: kindergarten children's English teaching, assist the main class teacher; Extracurricular cultural activities, international month theme activities.
Job Description:
Please don't apply for this position if you are not in China.
1. Workload: 20 teaching hours per week
2. Work time: Five days per week, off day at weekends and Chinese national holidays.
3. Salary: Based on experience and qualification
4. Work responsibility: English teaching for children in kindergarten, assisting the work of the main teacher of the class; out-of-class cultural activities and international activities.
The applicant meets the following conditions:
Need to arrive as soon as possible, must be in China!!!
1. Native English speakers with TESOL / TEFL certificate, or English as their second language. Mandarin is preferred.
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in education, language and preschool education is preferred.
3. Children's teaching experience is preferred;
4. Cheerful and lively, positive, serious and responsible, full of cooperation spirit.
5. Abide by the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, no legal disputes and no criminal record (formal certification materials must be issued).
6. Need to arrive as soon as possible, priority in China.
Applicants need to be:
Need to be on duty as soon as possible, so people who apply for the position have to be in China already!
1. Native English speakers with a TESOL/TEFL certificate, or English as a second language. People who can speak Mandarin are preferred.
2. Having a bachelor's degree or higher, education major, language major, preschool education major are preferred.
3. Those with young children teaching experience are preferred.
4. Cheerful and positive, responsible and cooperative.
5. Comply with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and have no legal disputes and criminal records (formal certification materials are required)
6. Need to be on duty as soon as possible, so people who apply for the position have to be in China already.
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