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ESL teacher

Nice Environment
Two days off
Convenient Traffic
Management Specification
Annual Vacation
House Allowance
Job NatureFull time
LanguageEnglish/Mother tongue,English/Proficient
Work Experience1-3 years
NO. Of Hiring2 people
CitySuzhou City/Jiangsu Province
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Job Info
Class Students 2-6 Age
5 Days / Week , 8 Hours / Day
Total 1 Class
Job Description
1. Combined with Chinese and western curriculum system, using international teaching ideas and methods, curriculum design research and development;
2. Organization and implementation of course teaching and related activities;
3. Actively carry out teaching and research activities, communicate and discuss with foreign teachers, improve professional ability and curriculum quality;
4. Be able to manage the class well and communicate with Chinese teachers actively;
5. Communicate with parents at home and school, discuss with teaching group in time, and follow up the all-round development of students;
6. Abide by all kinds of rules and regulations of the kindergarten, and actively participate in all kinds of activities of the kindergarten.
1. Native or non-native language teachers are OK, bachelor degree or above
2. More than 2 years working experience as a teacher, overseas or international school background is preferred;
3. Strong ability of English expression, lively lectures and wide range of knowledge;
4. Love the teaching profession, think creatively, be good at improving the teaching process through teaching reflection, and help students improve their abilities in all aspects.
fringe benefits:
1. In addition to the 11 days of legal holidays in China, we also enjoy 20 days of winter vacation, two weeks of summer vacation and two days of Christmas vacation. Paid.
2. Apply for reimbursement of air tickets every year, with a limit of 5000 yuan.
3. Housing subsidy of 2000 yuan per month.
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