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Foreign English Teacher for Kindergarten

15K-25K CNY/Month
Nice Environment
Two days off
Work on Time
Convenient Traffic
Management Specification
Annual Vacation
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Job NatureFull time
NO. Of Hiring2 people
Work Experience1-3 years
LanguageEnglish/Mother tongue
CityGuangzhou City/Guangdong Province
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Job Description
Position: Foreign English Teacher
Position: English foreign teacher
Type: Full time
Working Hour:
7:30am - 12:00pm, 2:30pm - 5:30pm Mon-Fri;
Two consecutive days off (Saturday and Sunday)
Some major events may hold on weekend, teachers may take an extra role to ensure the event hold properly. The overtime will be paid.
working hours:
Monday to Friday 7:30am - 12:00pm, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Saturday and Sunday are holidays
Large scale activities may be held on weekends, and teachers' help is needed. Overtime payment will be provided for overtime hours.
Job Responsibilities:
Job responsibilities
1、Planning English study schedule and keeping an eye on process of study;
Arrange the compilation of teaching plan and teaching plan.
2、Taking part in regular teaching activities and trainings to improve academic skills and teaching skills;
Participate in daily educational activities and training.
3、Carry out academic events including demo lessons, parent academy and life clubs;
Assist in demonstration class and club activities.
4、Carry out English class for the kids;
Independently responsible for children's English teaching
5、Establishing a good relationship with children and their parents through taking part in the interactions in the daily care;
Participate in children's daily process and establish friendly and cooperative relationship in the process of interaction with children and parents
6、Complete temporary work arranged by the supervisor.
Complete the work temporarily arranged by the superior leaders
Job Requirements:
1、Native speakers,Fluent in English.
Fluent in native language and English;
2、Bachelor degree or above,understand the children's psychology and early childhood teaching methods, holding a professional early childhood education qualifications.
Bachelor degree or above, good knowledge of infant psychology and teaching methods, professional education background and qualification certificate,
3、Outgoing、passionate、cheerful, with excellent communication skill.
Outgoing, positive and upward; fluent communication skills;
4、Love and enjoy working with children.
Like to deal with children;
5、Two years of kindergarten teaching experience is preferred.
More than two years of teaching experience is preferred
1、Salary: 15000-25000RMB before tax (Depending upon the experience and educational background)
Salary: 15000-25000rmb before tax (depending on specific ability and education)
2、Summer and winter vacation will get paid after one year working in the kindergarten.
After one year's work, pay for the winter and summer holidays
3、Breakfast and lunch are provided. Lodging are provided.
Free breakfast, lunch and accommodation
Name of the Kindergarten: Guangzhou Huangpu Endearing Kindergarten of Oxford International
Kindergarten Name: yingdouer kindergarten, Huangpu, Guangzhou
Address: M Building, Tengfei Park, Zhongxin Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
Address: Building B, Tengfei garden, Zhongxin knowledge city, Longhu street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
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