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Full time native language foreign teachers (Hangzhou, Gaofu)

Nice Environment
Annual Bonus
Two days off
Work on Time
Live and Food covered
Job NatureFull time
LanguageEnglish/Mother tongue
Work Experience1-3 years
NO. Of Hiring3 people
CityHangzhou City/Zhejiang Province
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Job Info
Class Students 2-4 Age
5 Days / Week , 8 Hours / Day
Total 6 Classes
The Job Description is supported by the Third Party Translation Website. The Translation Results for Reference Only. Please Communicate with the Recruiter for More Details.
Job Description
Full time native speaking foreign teachers (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) from non-native speaking countries, please don't send your resume. Thank you.
Job requirements
1. Can take care of children in class, like children (children before kindergarten)
2. Standard of oral English pronunciation
3. 0-3-year-old baby English atmosphere, can accompany the baby to play together, have a certain sense of safety. Can give the baby the expression exaggeration to tell the picture book, has own special talent to be better.
4. Have affinity, warm and cheerful, loving, willing to accompany 0-3 children. Be able to obey the arrangement of the park. Organize rich and interesting activities for your baby every day.
5. Bachelor degree or above, major in education is preferred.
6. At present, it is a priority in China.
fringe benefits:
1. China's statutory holidays and weekends are closed, and winter vacation (Chinese year) is closed for half a month.
2. Housing subsidies.
3. Return ticket subsidy (non epidemic).
4. Holiday benefits.
5. Lunch on weekdays.
6. Pick up at the airport.
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