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Preschool teachers

Job nature
Job CategoriesSales| Customer Service| purchasing
recruitment Some people
Education Requirementunlimited
work experienceunlimited
Gender requirementsunlimited
Age requirementUnlimited
Recruitment departmentNo limit
Work placeNingxia Province/Wuzhong City
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Job dynamics
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description of job
Job responsibilities:
1. Combining with the Chinese and western curriculum system, adopting the international teaching concept and method to carry out the curriculum design and development;
2. Organization and implementation of course teaching and related activities;
3. Actively do a good job in teaching and research activities, communicate with foreign teachers to improve professional ability and course quality;
4. Communicate with parents at home and school, discuss with the teaching group in time, and follow up the overall development of students.
1. Mother tongue or non-native language teacher can, bachelor degree or above
2. Have more than 2 years of teacher related work experience, overseas or international school working background is preferred;
3. Have strong English expression ability, lively lectures, wide range of knowledge;
4. Love the teaching profession, have pioneering thinking, be good at improving the teaching process through teaching reflection, and help students improve their abilities in all aspects.
fringe benefits:
One international round-trip air ticket will be reimbursed after working for more than one year.
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