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What is it like to be a foreign teacher in China
author:rencai_seo Date:2020-06-15 browse
With the opening up of China’s foreign teachers policy, more and more foreigners have entered China and started to work as foreign teachers. The number of foreign teachers in China is already a large number.
How do foreign friends adapt to Chinese life for those who come to China to work as foreign teachers? How does it feel to be a foreign teacher in China? Is it acceptable for Chinese food teachers?

Many foreigners who have just entered China will not be accustomed to food and work, whether they are engaged in foreign teacher work or not. Sometimes they will go to far and far places because of a good meal, and many foreign teachers have eaten out. , I believe that many foreign friends have a deep understanding of takeaway, and because of the inconvenience of language communication, there will be a variety of misunderstandings and laughing stocks, because the problems of skin color and other issues are being watched by Chinese students, etc. The time gradually increased, and they gradually adapted to life in China, but what kind of experience is it to be a foreign teacher in China?

Foreign teacher's experience one: salary is higher than abroad
The salary of foreign teachers believes that many friends are very curious, because foreign teachers can promote enrollment for Chinese schools. Now many schools will carry out foreign teacher courses, although most of the courses are still a combination of entertainment and teaching. Just like the editor, the favorite of junior high school is the foreign teacher class. The teaching of the foreign teacher will never be static. The classroom is active. Occasionally I will talk to us about his hometown. In fact, many foreign teachers have good Chinese skills. Don’t Naughty, I have tried it. The enthusiasm of the foreign teachers, in short, the schools with foreign teachers are generally schools with a certain level of teaching. This is a thing recognized by many children’s parents, so the salary of foreign teachers can be imagined. Very high, equivalent to the salary of the vice-principal, so many foreign teachers still have an advantage in salary

Foreign teacher's experience 2: No worries about the future
The future of foreign teachers is just like that of many foreign students studying abroad. Studying abroad is to learn advanced foreign cultures, thereby increasing their own knowledge reserves and making themselves more promising in the future and better realizing value. Many foreign teachers are holding Those who come to China with this attitude learn Chinese knowledge and education methods. After all, there are still big differences in education methods at home and abroad. This is like foreign students returning from abroad. They are very popular in China.

Foreign teacher's experience three: found his love
The salary level of foreign teachers is relatively high in China, the working hours are relatively short, and the thinking is naturally different from the Chinese way of thinking. Many female friends like the enthusiasm and straightforward words of foreign teachers very much. In this way, I found my love in China. Of course, Chinese girls are still very visionary. The courage editor who dares to go to a foreign country alone is still not available, hehe

Next, I will talk to you about how foreign teachers view Chinese food. When many foreign teachers first came to China, as the editor said at the beginning, most of them were sold out for living, but it is impossible to always refuse to accept China. The food is right, when the foreign friends of Xiaobian eat Chinese food, their expressions are still very rich, such as tomatoes and eggs at the beginning, and later to eat barbecue together, foreign friends only once for Chinese food and Countless times, or never eaten again, this varies from person to person, but many of the friends around Xiaobian like to go together with Xiaobian, and don’t go to treat guests easily and enthusiastically. There are a lot of actions in their ideas that are very impolite.
What do you think of the experience of foreign teachers coming to China to teach?
Do foreign teachers around you like to go barbecue as well as my friends?