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How to judge whether a foreign teacher is qualified
author:rencai_seo Date:2020-06-08 browse
1. Foreign teacher pronunciation: The pronunciation standard is one of the most important criteria for judging whether the foreign teacher is qualified. If the pronunciation is not standard, then the trainee loses the significance of choosing one-on-one teaching. Pronunciation is divided into partial English and partial American. Generally speaking, in our exam-oriented education, partial American pronunciation will be more common. However, because many institutions choose foreign teachers from countries such as the Philippines or India, sometimes the pronunciation is not regular, and you need to choose it yourself.

2. Certificate of education: The certificate of education is not to highlight which school the foreign teacher graduated from, but to make sure that the foreign teacher is a university-educated person. Because some students only pay attention to the fluency of spoken language, and ignore the teaching knowledge, professional ethics, etc. that a teacher should have, they will receive some bad learning habits.

3. Whether there is teaching experience: teaching experience is not much, but rich. Foreign teachers with rich teaching experience will know what kind of relationship mode or teaching mode to communicate with you when they meet students of different levels, which can accelerate the progress of your English level.