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ESL courses are graded
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ESL uses English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to refer to situations or studies where English is used by other non-native speakers. These two proprietary vocabularies are closely related to language learning and teaching, and are also commonly used in the field of demographics.

   ESL (English as a Second Language), is a non-native English course, representing English as a second language. ESL courses are taught in different grades, generally grades A to E. Among them, A grade is lower grade and E grade is higher grade.

   ESL is a world-class authoritative English training course more commonly used in American language schools. In the United States, many schools offer ESL courses for American students. Through the study of this course, students can effectively improve their overall English ability, and can communicate with native English speakers without obstacles.

   American senior English training school, American English Academy, has accumulated rich experience in teaching ESL courses during the 30-year teaching process. The college provides students with high-quality ESL training to systematically help students improve their English proficiency.

   The American English Academy introduces the original authoritative textbooks from the United States and implements a small class teaching mode for all foreign teachers. Teachers taught at the college are professionally trained and hold ESL courses or postgraduate certificate in linguistics.

   ESL course materials are specially designed for students whose mother tongue is not English, and have strong practicality. "Let English be your second language" is the ultimate teaching goal of ESL courses!