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Foreign Teachers English Teachers

good environment
two-day weekends
convenient transportation
food and lodgings
Less Pressure
Job natureFull-time
Job CategoriesTeacher / assistant
recruitment 2 people
Education RequirementBachelor
work experienceunlimited
Gender requirementsunlimited
Age requirement22-36
Recruitment departmentTeachers' Department
Work placeGuangdong Province/Jiangmen City/Pengjiang District
company address
Penguin Family English Jiangmen Wanda Square 15 3FA-01 2
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Job dynamics
Business recent login time : 2019-05-23
description of job
1. Professor 2.5 to 8 years old children to learn English, teaching in English to ensure the quality of teaching.
To teach two and half years old up to 8 children to learn English
Be able to give a full - English lesson and guarantee the quality of instructions;
2. To be able to work as an assistant in a foreign teacher's subject;
Be able to assist foreign teachers in performing a lesson;
3. Assist in experiential lessons, trainees'trial lessons, renewal of trainees' contracts and market activities;
Be able to assist with demos, students renewal, market activities, etc.
4. Communicate with parents about students'learning and provide excellent after-sales service for parents.
Be able to communicate with parentsabout the children and provide a first-class
Service for them;
5. Personal safety and care of the trainees from the trainees to the center until they are delivered to their parents;
Taking care of all the children and makingsure their safety during their stay in school;
6. Responsible for each student's learning effect and teaching quality, improve parents'and students' satisfaction;
Be responsible for each kid's learningeffectiveness and improve the
Satisfaction of parents;
7. Work closely with the curriculum advisory team to build parents'reputation through excellent service quality.
In close cooperation with Courseconsultants'department, establish a good
Reputation by providing an excellent service;
8. Assist and participate in and continuously improve their professional quality and teaching level through on-the-job training provided by the center and headquarters.
Improving self career cultivation and teaching level through assisting on-the-job
Training provided by the headquarters;
9. Represent the company's brand image, and always maintain the brand reputation and customer service quality of Penguin Family English.
Presenting the image of company, takingas own responsibility of always
Maintaining a good Pingu's Englishreputation and a high quality customer service;
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