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Children's English Teacher
Annual bonus
Five social insurance and one
perfect attendance bonus
Annual Holidays
Job natureFull-time
Job CategoriesTeacher / assistant
recruitment 5 people
Education RequirementBachelor
work experience1-3 year
Gender requirementsunlimited
Age requirementUnder26years of age
Recruitment departmentNo limit
Work placeshanghaishi/shanghaishi1/hongkouqu(Gaobao Building, Hongkou District, Shanghai)
company address
KBA building in Hongkou District, Shanghai
Contact information
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description of job
1. Preparing lessons and preparing before class: Preparing lessons for English teaching according to the content of courseware provided in textbooks
2. Cooperative teaching and independent teaching in class;
3. Teaching Service Implementation: Regularly communicate with parents about students'English learning progress and situation
4. Participation in teaching and research training: regularly participate in English research activities, and constantly improve their English proficiency and English teaching standards.
5. Coordination of Sales and Marketing Activities: Cooperating with English DEMO classes, oral English tests and other activities.
Job requirements
1. Education background: Undergraduate degree or above in 211 colleges and universities; major in English or related education;
2. Language competence: CET-6 or above, excellent oral English;
3. Character characteristics: lively and cheerful, with affinity;
4. Work characteristics: earnest and careful, have certain learning ability, can communicate and coordinate with parents or colleagues;
5. Other requirements: Be able to work from Monday to Friday (3 days, 12:30-20:30) or on weekends (2 days, 8:30-5:30)
Organization of work;
Career development path:
Children's English Teacher - Children's English Lecturer - Senior Lecturer of Children's English - Children's English Expert;
Children's English Teachers-Children's Duan Length/Children's Duan Length-Teaching Master-Central Principal
Fringe benefits:
If you are interested in joining Jin Li Education, you can enjoy:
1. Perfect induction and on-the-job training mechanism.
2. Normally enjoy all the state's statutory holidays;
3. Rich holiday gifts and school tour group building activities;
4. Children of employees with children can enjoy free English learning in Jin Li.
5. Five days of annual leave and 12 days of spring festival;
6. High temperature subsidies;
6. Rich year-end awards
The probation period passes through the Bishop Teacher's annual salary of 10W +, more than two years'experience of 12W +.
Welcome to join the family of Golden Gravel Education (babies at home and abroad)!!!
Baoshan Campus: New Baoshan Building 3A, 199 Friendship Road
Hongkou Campus: 3rd Floor, Gaobao Building, 1666 North Sichuan Road
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