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Foreign general manager
good environment
Annual bonus
Five social insurance and one
food and lodgings
Standard management
Carried interest
Job natureFull-time
Job CategoriesProduction management
recruitment 1 people
Education RequirementJunior college
work experienceover 10 year
Gender requirementsunlimited
Age requirementUnder47years of age
Recruitment departmentNo limit
Work placejiangsusheng/suzhoushi1/wuzhongqu(Pudong building, Pukou District, Nanjing)
company address
Pudong building, Pukou District, Nanjing
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02-19 16:56
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description of job
1. Foreigners, English proficiency, University degree, business administration, international trade, economics and other related majors;
2. More than 10 years'experience in manufacturing management, 5 years' experience in manufacturing executives, advanced concepts and methods of modern enterprise management, etc.
3. Familiar with the overall operation process of the company and the integrated management knowledge suitable for modern enterprises; Familiar with the production operation and management knowledge of factories, familiar with the production and manufacturing management process, cost control, quality system standardization management, rich lean production management capabilities (process control and standardized management); In the enterprise strategic regulations The field has profound theoretical foundation and rich operational experience.
4. Strong team control ability, able to lead the team to achieve business objectives;
5. Have strong leadership, negotiation ability, high thinking level, mind pattern, moral accomplishment, coordination and communication ability, adaptability, innovation and pioneering ability;
6. Familiarity with home industry or rich sales management experience is preferred.
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|3-5 year|Bachelor
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