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Structural engineer
good environment
Annual bonus
Five social insurance and one
Carried interest
Job natureInternship
Job CategoriesTechnical Engineer
recruitment 2 people
Education RequirementMaster
work experienceunlimited
Gender requirementsunlimited
Age requirementUnlimited
Recruitment departmentNo limit
Work placezhejiangsheng/hangzhoushi/xihuqu2(Xihu District, Hangzhou)
company address
Xihu District, Hangzhou
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Job Description: 1 or 3 years working experience in the same industry or more than 3 years product structure design experience, according to the project requirements, to meet the needs of design and development information, responsible for product mechanical structure design and process design 2, proficient use of PRO/E or AUTO CAD software priority 3, familiar with mechanical principles, proficient in mechanical processing technology Computer-aided design, familiar with the well-known brand specifications of automatic parts and can be skilled in selection, have a certain understanding of the application of electrical components 4, solid professional knowledge, proficient grasp of relevant design techniques, standards 5, responsible for product design and design improvement, handling design technical quality problems 6, innovative awareness in product design Can put forward good opinions and suggestions on product design and improvement 7, have good communication and coordination ability, skillfully select common materials, have certain theoretical basis and practical design experience 8, have the ability of reading and writing in general English, and have good communication skills, work conscientiously and carefully. With good spirit of innovation and team spirit.
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