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Job natureFull-time
Job CategoriesPhotographer/ cameraman
recruitment 2 people
Education RequirementBachelor
work experience3-5 year
Gender requirementsmale
Age requirementUnder35years of age
Recruitment departmentDepartment of photography
Work placeshanghaishi/shanghaishi1/xuhuiqu(Shanghai Xuhui District, Germany, Miao Shi wedding photography MUSEEFOTO)
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Shanghai Xuhui District, Germany, Miao Shi wedding photography MUSEEFOTO
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Special requirements: foreign photographers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are better.Special requirements: foreign photographers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are better.
1, according to the shooting task, formulate detailed shooting work plan and time arrangement;
2. select suitable camera equipment according to the need of work.
3. select appropriate shooting angle and install camera equipment.
4. according to the requirements, use photography art to complete the modeling.
5. working closely with the photographic team (photo assistant, makeup artist, film technician) during the whole shooting task.
6. communicate with customers timely to achieve the effect of rapid entry.
7. use professional equipment to conduct preliminary editing of the impact.
Post requirements:
1. More than five years working experience in photography, skilled in photography technology, professional quality in photography industry, familiar with photography institution's order process.
2, have a higher attainments for color and composition, and are good at portrait (wedding, adult, children) photography.
3, have the art foundation, have a higher artistic standard, have the ability to grasp fashion, and have their own mature shooting works.
4, good quality, honest, trustworthy, good communication skills and affinity, strong sense of service, strong sense of responsibility.
5, have a sense of humor, cheerful personality, good aesthetic taste, innovative sense and ability, team spirit;
6. Photography related majors are preferred, with professional national and overseas senior photographer qualification certificate preferred.
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