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Beijing City/Beijing City/Haidian District Private enterprises Computer software/hardware 300Million RMB 20-99 people
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Mallhaha is both an online platform and a offline social enterprise. On the Internet, Mallhaha has a market where sellers and buyers can interact with each other. Exchange between entity goods, services and members. From clothing to personal care products, to luggage, to office and family daily necessities, can be found on the website. In addition, you can find some services on their platform, including real-time translation of language support services, accommodation, trains and ticket reservations, as well as work and internship positions in all parts of China. More importantly, Mallhaha not only lists these career opportunities online, but also organizes quality events to praise listed companies. Offline, create events to maximize user experience in personal and business development. Social events and seminars with business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and employment agencies are activities you can expect to see. Registered users and followers enjoy these offline interactions, while Mallhaha seeks to create social impact in the community. At Mallhaha, we understand the challenges of living in a foreign country. With this in mind, we make it our first priority to help foreigners solve these difficulties, because it is related to their experience in China.
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