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Pierre yoga, Beijing Pierre sporting goods Co., Ltd. is a professional brand operator of yoga clothing and yoga products. It registered the brand of Pierre yoga in 2005, and is also an active proponent of modern yoga fitness concept.
all of our products are designed in Korea, Japan and Europe and America. The company has a group of high-quality professional management personnel and a scientific advanced management mode, all of which ensure that the company is developing and expanding towards a new level in a year. In the spirit of credibility, confidence, customer first, quality first, sincere service, perfect management system, rich sales experience, and preferential price to serve customers, enterprises have been growing stronger. With the strong support from all walks of life and business partners, we have a stable cooperative relationship with excellence, Dangdang, Taobao, and red children. Either now or in the future, we will uphold the spirit of dedication to work, consistent from beginning to end the latest and most high-quality products and our sincere service for you. With the continuous development and improvement of the company, I believe that the company will take a strong step towards another brilliant.
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