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Founded in 2006, Shanghai Dazui Business Consulting Co., Ltd. is a TESOL foreign English teacher partner in the United States and an early professional service provider in Shanghai.
In view of international bilingual schools, the traditional foreign language teaching mode of "classroom based, teacher first" is completely overturned, students are regarded as the core of teaching, the concept of "private customization" is applied to foreign language teaching, and personalized courses are tailored for students. The strict requirements for foreign teachers are the core of Dazui's quality service. So far, more than 8000 native language foreign teachers cooperated by Dazui have the qualifications of TEFL and TESOL International Certified English teachers, and they can only serve the students after passing many examinations. With the strict control of "good teachers", Dazui has helped more than 20000 students to achieve a breakthrough in English. At present, the services of Dazui foreign teachers in foreign teacher recruitment, foreign teacher assignment and English training and counseling for young and promoted children are all in the leading position in China.
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