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Zhejiang Province/Hangzhou City Private enterprises Educated/training 500-999 people
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With strong support by the Hailing group, hailing early childhood education was founded in 2017. After one year, the Hailing ECE is now at its summit of development. More than 50 kindergartens are spread over the country, including Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. each kindergarten has its own special curves.
Aiming at strengthening kids' physical fitness, inspiring their current and interests in learning, the Hailiang ECE introduced the most advanced educational concept as well as management mode into its kindergartens' daily running. Based on the research result of Hailiang children's Development Research Institute, the Hailiang ECE complexes The characteristics of local kids with the international early childhood educational philosophy to create the most suitable curriculum for every single kid.
The Hailing ECE will follow the strategic planning of the Hailing group, and devices itself to forcing a domestic leading early childhood education group, as well as a globally well-known brand.
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