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Shanghai City/Shanghai City/Jiading District Private enterprises Educated/training Million RMB 20-99 people
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Shanghai Quanshi Training School is a professional institution engaged in English education for young children aged 3 to 15. In 2012, Quansi signed an agreement with Universal TESOL College of Canada, which formally became GLOBAL TESOL's China Certification Management Center. It trained more than 300 foreign teachers and certified more than 300 foreign teachers successively, and established Quansi's position in the field of international English teacher training. At the same time, all teachers hold international English teacher certificates. As the Chinese management center of the International English Teacher Qualification Certificate, Whole Thought Education has brought professional English Team Training and Teacher Certification to more than 20 English institutions nationwide. Whole Thought's own teachers have unique conditions to participate in various special international English teacher training courses. In a classroom practice and teaching research activities, in one study, listening and professional introduction. Leading, Quanshi teachers are more internationalized in classroom teaching design concepts, more specialized in student learning assessment and homework design, more refined in classroom quality and homework evaluation, and more efficient in classroom management and home-school communication.
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