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Zhejiang Province/Jiaxing City/Pinghu Private enterprises Educated/training 50Million RMB under 20 people
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Cotty's teaching philosophy of thinking English came from the United States in 1968. This educational concept has been popularized in more than 1,000 institutions and schools abroad. In 2002, it began to enter the Asian market.
By 2013, Koti English had opened many schools in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan of China in Asia and was directly introduced by many international universities. In Korea alone, it had received more than 100 schools, which were highly praised by teachers and parents, and also became one of the educational institutions in Korea. In 2014, Kiddie English officially set foot in the Asian education market - China! Cotty's thinking English has been committed to being an educational institution and supplier of teaching standards in China; recognized and cooperated by international schools in China's first-tier cities; Cotty's thinking is committed to disseminating advanced educational concepts throughout China and bringing standard American classroom experience to China. Children.
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