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Zhejiang Province/Wenzhou City/Lucheng District Private enterprises Educated/training 100Million RMB under 20 people
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Founded in 2015, Chunyin Japanese is located in Room 301, Building AB, Dongfanghuayuan, Dawn Middle Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City. It is the only private school license in Wenzhou area. At the same time, it also quotes full-time Tatami classrooms, high-quality Japanese-style education and personalized Japanese training institutions. The organization insists on employing full-time foreign teachers. At present, there are 8 full-time secondary teachers and 1 foreign teacher, and all of them have Japanese background.
The organization has attracted a large number of Japanese enthusiasts with its new teaching mode of free re-attendance, free booking and diversified courses. Up to now, Junior Japanese has trained more than 1000 students, and has become a leading Japanese training brand in Wenzhou.
In terms of curriculum, the Institute covers comprehensive Japanese in all stages of 0-N1, short-term fast-track Japanese for tourism, interesting Japanese in winter and summer vacation, Japanese for college entrance examination, and preparatory courses for foreign students'birthday language.
In the field of studying abroad in Japan, Junior Sound pioneered an intermediary-free mode, offering one-stop services such as material handling, language schools, private school booking and Japanese learning. It has also cooperated with well-known Japanese language schools such as Waseda EDU, KCP, ISI, Puhe, Musashino University, Japanese Language Subject, Shinji and Xingzhi Schools, which are well-known private schools in Japan.
In the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), in July 2018, there were 3 beginners with N1 qualifications, the highest score being 167; 11 students with N2 qualifications, of which 6 students had N2 scores above 150, and 1 student had N2 full marks.
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