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Small Earth FasTrack English originated in Bottom, USA, in 1998, and is listed on American stock market under the elite flag. Focus on the brand of global English education for young children aged 4-12. For more than 20 years, based on the law of children's psychological and physiological growth, and combined with the innovative concept of multiple intelligences development of Harvard Institute of Education, we have created a unique PIER learning system (Positive Innovative English Reinforcement) to enable children to learn language happily and cultivate the master of children's learning in an active and encouraging way. Motivation, and through the pure teaching of American foreign language and four-dimensional teaching platform, strengthen and cultivate children's mother tongue thinking in many ways, improve learning effect.
Our mission: STEM English, help the future!
Our Vision: To Be a Leading Brand of STEM English Trusted by Parents
Our work guidelines (CEIT): students first, strong execution, continuous innovation, teamwork
Our Spirit: Be willing to learn and work hard
Our three-year development goal: growth first, catch up with Huisan 100 schools, and lead the country
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