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Shaanxi Province Private enterprises Educated/training 200Million RMB 20-99 people
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02-17 13:55
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We English House, a leading English teacher recruiting company in China. And we are looking for foreign English teachers from all over the world. We helped more than 500 licensed Chinese schools to have hired suitable teachers successfully last year. We are hiring 1000 qualified teachers for 2019. O. FFERS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE WHOLE YEAR.
Basic Qualifications (for work visa):
1. If you are from native English countries, you must have: TEFL or TESOL / or Bachelor's degree in English major / or a two-year working experience after you get your bachelor's degree.
2. If you are from non-native English countries, you must have: a bachelor's degree and a two-year working experience after you get your bachelor's degree.
(tips: Holding a TEFL or TESOL certificate or bachelor's degree on English major will get you better opportunities and salary)
About the job:
1. You can work in public schools, training centers, kindergartens or other kinds of English teaching organizations all over China.
2. You will teach children aged from 3-18 years old mostly.
3. You will get a monthly salary range from 10000 RMB to 25000 RMB, according to your nationality, abilities and other qualifications.
4. You will get a single apartment or shared apartment for free.
5. The contract duration is one year at least for working visa. And we can provide native English speakers a at least four months internship contract.
6. You can get free flight tickets after one year's contract, one-way or return, which depends on the organization you finally sign the labor contract with.
7. Some other welfare treatments, which depends on the organization you eventually sign the labor contract with.
This is just a general description of teaching offers. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me (You can call me or add my Wechat: 2421921215/ or you can send me an email at this address: mike@teachingoffers.com)
This is our official website: http://www.teachingoffers.com/
Thank you for your time and have a good day!
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