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100 TEFL specialises in matching foreign talents to clients. We do not just send resumes to prospective employers but assess the needs of our clients first to ensure only the best fit makes it through the selection process. By offering tiered services, we allow our clients to select the right type. As a full-recruitment service provider for the education market, we offer staff management support, settling-in services, teaching certificate support, visa consultancy and free Mandarin training so as to help candidates Transfer seamlessly in to their new lives in China. In addition, 100tefl also serves as an information hub for both our K12 clientele and job-seekers. On our platform, you'll find the latest information about living and working in China as well as advice on how to make people from diverse backg Rounds feel at home at your organisation. We also host a number of events to help enrich the working international experience and foster cross-cultural communication.
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