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East ESL has represented in China and abroad introducing quality teachers in to the Chinese education system throughout the year, together with establishing and fostering relationships with education institutions throughout the world in order to introduce comprehensive education programs to Chin A and our client schools, Universities and Colleges
When offering foreign language resources as our core business, we have created a structure that diversifies into 9 businesses, including:
International expert communication
International educational cooperation
Introduction of international experts
Research and utilization of foreign language education resources
Translation and interpretation
East ESL has developed into a market leader in China's educational services industry through multi-branding, innovation and creativity.
Foreign Expert Recruitment
A main focus of this system has been the recruitment of Foreign Experts in to the Chinese education system for placement within our partner Chinese and foreign schools, in order to provide a consistent flow of high quality, trained and certified foreign experts.
With over 5000 school clients the demand for our teachers is high, mainly due to the standard and ability of the teachers and our after placement service which provides a full support service for both the school and teacher throughout the entire year.
The consistent flow of excellent teachers is also facilitated by East ESL strong relationships with foreign education institutions and private organizations from all Native English speaking countries, namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.
University, College, High School, Kindergarten and Primary Base Schools
* Full administration of Foreign Expert requirements
As per other base school package
* Qualified, experienced foreign teacher
By establishing cooperative links with foreign education institutions and early childhood education businesses, we will provide professional trained and experienced early childhood experts to our Kindergarten and Primary school clients throughout China.
* Foreign teaching methods and techniques
With the introduction of qualified, trained and experienced foreign teaching staff, the facilitation and instruction of foreign teaching methods will be provided to client schools.
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