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 wholly foreign-owned Real estate development 1200Million USD 1000-9999 people
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Yihai Group, founded in 1989, is the first group of overseas real estate enterprises in China. In addition to the core industries of real estate and education, business extends to property, business, sports, finance, pension and other fields.
After 30 years of development, Yihai Group has developed and managed over 8 million square meters of real estate, including Beijing Yihai Garden, Changsha Yihai Xingcheng, Shandong Linyi International New Town, Guangzhou World Trade Center, Shenzhen Taiwan Garden, Beijing Yijin Garden and other projects, and operated hotel-style apartment Jiuxian Apartment.
In 1997, Yihai Education Group was established. It has set up 17 educational institutions, ranging from early childhood education to primary, secondary, international schools, training schools and universities for the elderly. It insists on providing high-quality educational services to the society. Since its establishment, Yihai Group has spent more than 500 million yuan on public welfare charities and social undertakings. In 2012, Yihai Public Welfare Foundation was established in Beijing.
With the vision of "providing better service to meet the people's needs for a better life", with education as the core, service and public welfare as the wings, real estate, business and finance as the support, Yihai Group has formed a "one core, two wings, three in one" Yihai model. In the new era, Yihai adheres to the development goal of "self-cultivation, family governance, enterprise, shady and shade, and livelihood of the people". We should seize the historical opportunity of the "one belt and one way" national initiative and continue to optimize the industrial chain, product structure and service mode, so as to lay a good foundation for achieving sustainable development.
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