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ABIE specializes in high-level education and training for children aged from 3-12 years old.
ABIE centers offer English training for Chinese children as designed and directed by ABIE HQ. The course is fully integrated with current American curriculum, children's second language learning philosophies, methods and keeping in mind early child development psychology. Additionally, ABIE classes Combine face-to-face teaching, in-class smartboard interactive learning technology, and online teaching, create a learning process which is effective, practical and entertaining.
ABIE classes include CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in order to enrich English classes with interdisciplinary content such as Art, Science, World Cultures, etc. ABIE classes also foster important 21st century skills such as innovation, cross-cultural communication, independent thinking In order to keep students motivated and encouraged to continue learning, ABIE promotes the Assessment for Learning philosophy, training Chinese children to take control of their learning, helping them become more responsible, better prepared for F ABIE students strengthen their abilities of communication, leadership, creativity, thinking and collaboration.
ABIE promotes all-round development. ABIE students are truly global citizens of the 21st century counting with Life and Career Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media and Technology Skills.
ABIE leads the education industry thanks to its deep understanding and its desire to improve the English education system in China, its accurate market positioning, distinctive business model, professional products and exemplary service. ABIE has won the approval and love of those within the same indu Stry, parents and children.
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