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Shanghai/Shanghai/Yangpu District Private enterprises Educated/training 870Million RMB 20-99 people
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Shanghai Liju Education Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Shanghai Qixing Education Group and Shanghai Ronghe Education Group. It is a professional organization that integrates the output of early childhood education solutions, refines the establishment of early childhood education centers as its core business, and aims at "healthy families, scientific childcare", providing consultation and research, curriculum development, childcare services, education and training, and direct franchise services for infants aged 0-3 years.
"Children's National Nursing Garden" as the brand of Fostering Children's Nursing, refines the core values of "Health Nursing, Safety Nursing and Professional Education", takes the characteristic curriculum of "Combination of Medical Education and Integration of Nursing and Education" as the foundation, integrates the essence of early education at home and abroad and the frontier concepts and methods, and takes the form of "Internet + Nursing". To provide delicate nursery services to community children.
According to the law of physical and mental development and the main points of education of infants aged 0-3, the kindergarten is devoted to curriculum research and development by the top authoritative education + child care expert team and the teaching and research team with more than ten years'experience. It operates or cooperates with many early childhood education centers in the kindergarten, public private network entrusted by the government, the establishment of kindergarten and parent-child early childhood education. Kindergartens and other kindergartens carry out landing practice, and constantly upgrade and iterate according to the feedback of teaching and research implementation, to form a unique professional characteristic curriculum and nursing service process of children's country. On-line, the software system, which integrates the functions of child health service, behavior observation record, home interaction, online learning of teachers and garden management, is used to help guarantee the service quality of kindergartens and improve the management efficiency through standardized and modular management, so as to better provide high-quality nursery clothes for communities and families. Business.
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