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Sichuan Province/Nanchong City/Shunqing District Private enterprises Educated/training 100Million RMB 20-99 people
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Uncle Tom Training School, founded in 2009, is a high-end and excellent educational institution providing high-quality English courses. We take "all foreign teachers teach and learn pure English" as our teaching feature. All our teachers are excellent foreign teachers with teaching qualification certificates, which fully guarantees the purity of students'language learning. We take "Let more Chinese enjoy the excellent educational resources from overseas" as our great cause. We have established good cooperative relations with many overseas official and non-official educational institutions, and effectively guaranteed the first-class level of internationalization of our teachers and teaching resources. With the service aim of "providing high-quality education service for every student with knowledge, love and conscience", we will do every meticulous and thoughtful service for every student wholeheartedly. We take "honest life, down-to-earth work" as our corporate culture, and strive to build Uncle Tom into an excellent international brand for centuries.
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