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Jiangsu Province/Suzhou City Private enterprises Educated/training Million RMB 500-999 people
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W.E. Group was founded in 2006 and with the Headquarter located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is a group company operating with primary businesses on Industrial Investment and Education Industry Operation. W.E Group has formed three major education sectors including International School,Preschool Education and Language Education Operation. Industrial Investment includes Industrial Real Estate and Financial Investment. W.E. Group has been focusing on achieving excellence in the education industry for 13 years. We have grown to 35 educational entity projects, 18 direct-run kindergartens and 14 English training institutions. We also participated in the investment of 3 international schools. Today,W. E Group is well known as the one of the largest and most influential education groups in Jiangsu province. Nearly 100,000 families have chosen W.E Group Education Projects and its school, and over 10,000 students registered, 3000 students graduate from our education system every year. W.E Group has nearly 1000 faculty and staff, possesses an independent teaching program development team, international educational collaboration center, teaching academy and teachers development center.
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