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Shanghai/Shanghai/Minhang District Private enterprises Educated/training 160Million RMB 100-499 people
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Shanghai Minhang Hailida Chunshen Kindergarten is located in Wanke Holiday Scenic Area, Wanding Road, Xinzhuang Town, Minhang City. It was founded by Hailida International Preschool Education Group in September 2003. Our garden has extensive green vegetation coverage, rapid greening, beautiful environment and fruit trees. The Park covers an area of 11467, and the area of outdoor activities is 2600. The average living area of the park exceeds the average standard of Shanghai. Our garden has carefully planned outdoor venues, put in appropriate sports equipment and toys, created a campus environment and conditions suitable for children's development, which includes education and games, life and entertainment. It meets the needs of children to carry out all kinds of outdoor activities. It is a pleasant garden, paradise and school that children like.
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