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Aston English is Aston's professional English education chain brand, which embodies Aston's integration of global educational resources.
Innovative R&D team, globalized teacher resources and localized teaching model are the most important groups in this brand system.
Modular, and with the rich practical experience accumulated in the field of English education in China, the accumulation of knowledge in the operation and management of English schools is another valuable asset of the brand system. Since Dalian, China, had its first brand English school in 1996, dozens of cities and regions have owned the brand. The advanced learning methods that are guided by the world's leading education theory and fully suited to the current situation of English learning in China will enable our students to innovate and make progress with us.
Pidu Aston English School is committed to improving the students'English listening skills (watching movies, learning English), speaking, speaking, natural spelling, writing, IELTS and Gold Medal Examination, acting, traveling, Singapore Student Preparatory Class, Singapore Summer Camp and Winter Camp). The ability to use English can be integrated into everyday work and life, teaching and enjoying. Finally, students can use English as their mother tongue freely and help them improve their studies and career planning. In the process of training, special attention should be paid to the cultivation of students'psychological quality: not only for students of different ages, personalities, levels, occupations and learning needs, Pidua
Every professional Chinese and foreign staff of Stone English School fully respects their individual needs and shares their experience of Aston Brand, English Language, Language Training, Cultural Exchange and Training Feelings to every student.
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