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Beijing/Beijing/Chaoyang District Private enterprises intermediary services/Housekee 1000Million RMB 20-99 people
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First Vocational Awareness (Beijing) Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. is a post-90s college student entrepreneurship company. In May 2017, it officially listed the Beijing Stock Exchange Center College Student Entrepreneurship Edition. In this regard, the first sense of duty has become a national recognition of the double-creation model.
First, vocational awareness responds accurately to the national "double innovation" policy, and correctly understands the guiding principles of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation by all people". Combined with the current social situation, it makes a deep analysis of the pain points of China's human resources market and digs deep into subdivisions, carries out in-depth communication and precise matching between the two main bodies "enterprises" and "job seekers", and constructs an efficient and rational talent allocation system. It enables enterprises to recruit job seekers with high readiness and recognition, so that job seekers can recognize themselves and maximize the direction of career development.
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