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Aihua Culture, a family dedicated to caring for children's unique growth experience, develops and constructs a diversified children's education complex which is most in line with the development of the times and most in line with human needs.
Aihua, together with multi-cultural educational institutions, will jointly implement Class Sharing Based on the Language Study, Build the Reading-Center Jointly, and Develop the Sino-AUS Culture Exchange Activities and Tour Programs at Primary School. Project) Three major measures to build a sustained and open new type of children's growth community.
The Era series of courses introduced from Australia by Aihua Culture consist of simple and repetitive sentences to form a complete and fluent story that can make people laugh or think. Through natural common sense, social cognition, emotional experience, imagination and positive value orientation, it ensures the diversity of children's knowledge, promotes the development of children's thinking and makes them happy. Learn to gain growth enlightenment.
Era series of courses, currently translated into 19 languages, use groups covering 36 countries and regions around the world.
· In Australia, from kindergarten to secondary school, Era's products are used in conjunction with family and school, which significantly improves children's mastery of English.
· In the United States, Era's graded reading picture book has been translated into Spanish and used as Latin American children's textbook together with the English version.
· In South Africa, the government designated Era's graded reading picture book as one of eight materials for public schools.
· In Taiwan, Era's graded reading picture books were purchased and used by Taipei City and Taiwan National Library.
· In the United Arab Emirates, Era's Graded Reading Picture Book Course was used in 187 public Emirates schools.
Aihua's Picture Library for Era Series provides children with free reading area, storytelling club for foreign teachers, intensive reading course for 3-14-year-old picture books, drama, handicraft, speech and other special courses, which are taught jointly by foreign teachers with rich teaching experience and senior Chinese teachers. At the same time, Era Publication's synchronous online learning platform provides electronic reading and language exercises. It is convenient for children to study independently at any time and anywhere.
Adhering to the concept of "Creating Value through Innovation", Aihua Culture actively organizes cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign young people (such as China, Australia, China, the United States, France, etc.), foreign teachers'exchanges, and oral English competitions for primary and secondary school students, so as to create more and better communication platforms for young people in the field of education and improve their educational and cultural perspective of internationalization.
Aihua's vision: to provide children with rich content, humor and profound good books, to build a cultural exchange platform with an international perspective for children, to create a good environment for children to develop good reading habits and lifelong learning ability!
Reading enriches imagination and imagination changes life! Aihua Culture and Your Peer!
Aihua Painting Library website: http://www.eraclubs.com/
Resume Receiving Mail Box: renxiaolu@eraclubs.com
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