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Sichuan Province Joint-stock company Educated/training 600Million RMB 20-99 people
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01-22 00:11
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SOMETHING NEW Human Resources Co., Ltd. specializes in providing high-quality foreign talents, visa consultation and processing services for schools and companies.
Our mission:
The world is united, something new!
Helping schools - teaching internationalization, management system, development of brand.
In the process of cooperation, we have been positioned from the customer's point of view. From accepting the client's entrustment and signing the contract, then recommending candidates, organizing interviews and communicating intentions, to the final successful recommendation, coordinating work and other processes, we have achieved the whole process of dedicated service, efficient communication, promoting the best matching, which is highly praised by customers.
Special service support:
In order to ensure the quality of education and teaching, we provide professional TESOL course training in the United States to ensure teachers'English teaching level and normal level.
Business cooperation, please contact us at the first time.
Contact number: 17780688733
Thank you again for your attention
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