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Zhejiang Province/Jinhua City/yiwu Private enterprises Educated/training 20-99 people
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Am's English for Children belongs to Irvine Education, which applies advanced teaching concepts from abroad, introduces original textbooks from abroad, meets the learning needs of children aged 3-12 with multi-sensory teaching method, involves the study of knowledge in interdisciplinary fields (natural science, social culture, mathematics, art, health) and broadens children's horizons. With ASL Sign Language Learning in the United States, the digital APP client technology is used to connect home and school learning to form an online and offline integration of O2 O learning mode. The school pays attention to the training of children's ability in English enlightenment, interest stimulation and whole brain development at the early stage of language learning. Immersion theme learning advocates children to skip and play English through games, songs, dances, paintings, handicraft and other activities. Consolidate children's abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing and acting. At the same time, we should cultivate children's emotional attitudes and values, carry out comprehensive quality education, and cooperate with the requirements of language knowledge and quality education in public schools and primary schools, so as to train students to become small international citizens more suitable for future competition.
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