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****ouse 认证企业
Shaanxi Province/Xi'an City Private enterprises Educated/training 100-499 people
good environment
two-day weekends
Five social insurance and one
convenient transportation
food and lodgings
Enterprise recently logged in : 2019-11-20
Yinghao Education, founded in June 2003, is located at No. 90 Shangde Road, Xincheng District, Xi'an City. At present, with English training for children as the core, there are many development platforms, such as vocational English training, consulting service for studying abroad, foreign teacher cooperation project and foreign teacher resource bank. It is a comprehensive educational science and technology enterprise that integrates educational training, educational products and educational services. Wang Weizhao, a legal person, is a good speaker and English genius. He is the founder of "Enlightenment" English teaching method. He has 12 years of military career and 4 years of working experience as a government civil servant. Later, he resigned and went to Shanghai to engage in English training.
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