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Zhejiang/Taizhou/Huangyan District others Educated/training Million RMB 20-99 people
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Giraffe American Language, founded in 1986, now has 658 branches all over the country. It is the largest chain system of English teaching in Taiwan and the leading brand of children's English training in China. For 33 years, Giraffe American Language has been dedicated to the education of children's English in China, adhering to the educational concept of "educating talented people through books", and constantly devoting itself to the education of children's English in China, and at the same time, it has always been "educating Chinese English globally". First Brand's self-expectation.
In an era of fierce competition, language is a necessary tool for children to face future competition. Giraffe American Language will do its utmost to create the best learning platform for children's education investment. From the perspective of children, we uphold the concept of "better but better". With the "age-graded" learning curriculum, diversified learning content, we create an all-English learning environment. Through various activities, we develop the potential, cultivate the quality of elite leaders, and let them stand on the world stage confidently, and become international talents in the future.
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