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Zhejiang Province/Jinhua City others Educated/training Million USD 20-99 people
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The Foss English Training Department of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone (Foss English) has more than 700 square meters of campus. Founded in 2016, it currently has more than 400 students. It is a medium-sized and large-scale English training center with the "Permit for Running Private Schools in the Republic of China" issued by the Education Bureau. At the same time, with the consent of the State Administration for Foreign Affairs for the record, the school has acquired the qualifications of recruiting foreign teachers. Adhering to the teaching concept of "Free Study, Free Speaking", the school specializes in teaching English to children aged 3-12, and is committed to cultivating qualified small citizens in the 21st century who measure the world with "English power".
The school features small classes of bishops, foreign teachers and assistants (no more than 12 students), so that children can master English naturally and step by step in the golden period of learning English (3-12 years old). And strive to create a warm and childlike world, so that children can unconsciously master English in relaxed games, drawing, singing, intimate interaction with teachers and playing.
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