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Radix Cognito Elite Education was established in 2002 by a group of American educationlists, teaches English with immersive learning philosophy by native speakers. We teach the language through interactive elements such as board games, card games, logic puzzles, and computer programming.
Mission - Our Purpose
Our responsibility - that is, our purpose
Impart knowledge, the skills to successfully apply that knowledge, and the character to do so wisely, for the benefit of the student, their family, and country.
To impart knowledge, skills and the ability to apply knowledge, and to cultivate good moral character, so as to satisfy students, parents and society.
Vision - Why We Exist
Our ideal - the reason for our training
To produce students who can think and reason independently.
Training students who can think independently and study actively.
Core Values - What We Expect from Students
Our core values - our expectations
Excellence: All students are expected to devote themselves wholeheartedly to their learning.
Pursuing excellence: motivating students to go all out.
Integrity: All students are expected to fully integrate knowledge, language, logic, and application, while governing it by good character.
2. Pursue perfection: make students integrate knowledge, language, logic and practical application, and control the whole process of learning with good moral character.
Humility: All students are expected to show respect and dignity to their families, teachers and classmates.
3. Develop humble personality: make students respect their families, be close to teachers and love their classmates.
4. Wisdom: All students are expected to seek truth and do what is right at all times.
Enlightenment wisdom: make students dare to pursue truth and always do the right thing.
Aims - What We Give to Students
Our goal - students will get
Learn to Speak. Most English training is focused on simple street English. We however teach complex English from the very beginning, because it has true usefulness worldwide. While it is important to know how to ask the location of the nearest toilet, or to order food, that is easy to learn outside of a formal classroom.
1. Ability to speak English. We will not concentrate on teaching simple street English. We have been devoting ourselves to teaching the essence of English from the very beginning, that is, the English that is actually being used all over the world. Although it's important to ask about the location of the bathroom, ordering and so on, these basic things can now be easily accessed outside the formal classroom.
Learn to Read. Most English training is focused on teaching simple vocabulary. We however go straight to more complex vocabulary by teaching Latin roots and how to construct multi-syllabic compound words through phonics. While the words toilet, dog, and car have some importance, how to learn to read and use the vocabulary of phonics Math, science, and logic is far more valuable.
2. Reading comprehension. We will not concentrate on teaching simple vocabulary. From the very beginning, we have taught Latin roots and made students understand how to construct multi-syllable compound words spontaneously and actively by using natural phonetic alphabet, so that students can directly contact and learn complex English vocabulary. Although vocabulary such as toilet, dog and car is important, it is more valuable to learn how to read, spell and use vocabulary in natural science and logic, such as mathematics.
3. Learn to Think. Many people learn how to read and speak English, but very few learn how to think in English. We teach this skill to the earliest age of learners.
3. English thinking ability. Many people learn how to read and speak English, but few people learn how to think in English. We started training beginners to master this skill.
4. Learn to Inquire. Learning how to ask'why'and'how' is a critical skill for life in the global economy. We teach students how to be inquisitive and skilled at how to ask'why'.
4. Questioning ability. Learning to ask "why" and "how" is an important skill that students need to acquire in global economic life. We will teach students how to get to the bottom of their questions and be good at asking "why".
5. Learn to Apply. We teach students how to take knowledge, and apply it in new ways, so that it then produces even more knowledge and skills.
5. Practical application capability. We will teach students how to acquire knowledge and apply it in a new way so as to generate more knowledge and skills.
Learn to Care. We teach students how to apply their knowledge for the betterment of themselves, their family, and country.
6. Ability to focus. We will teach students how to use what they have learned to benefit themselves, their families and society.
7. Learn to teach. One of the best ways to become a better student is to become a teacher. Learning how to convey information to another person, help to further solidify the knowledge and skills for the teacher. We therefore teach our students how to be teachers themselves.
7. Autonomous learning ability. The best way to be a good student is to be a good teacher first. Learning how to communicate and exchange information helps to further consolidate the knowledge and skills learned. So we will teach students how to become their own teachers.
Method - How We Accomplish our Mission
Our approach is to ensure the achievement of teaching objectives
Teach English through Phonics Students learn how to identify, breakdown, and comprehend complex English vocabulary through roots.
Natural Spelling Teaching Method: Students will learn to recognize, decompose and master complex English vocabulary through various root words.
Teach English through Logic: Students learn how to think in English by developing and applying processes themselves.
Logical thinking teaching method: Students will learn to think in English through self-creation and participation in the process.
Teach English through Character: Students learn the moral character traits of Honesty, Diligence, Initiative, Obedience, Orderliness, Attentiveness, Determination, Self-Control, Wisdom, and Compassion, which prepares them to apply knowledge in and appropriate ways.
Character Injection Teaching Method: Students will learn and acquire excellent moral qualities such as honesty, diligence, initiative, creativity, concentration, determination, self-discipline, wisdom and compassion, laying a solid foundation for their proper and efficient use of knowledge.
Teach English through STEM: Students learn science, technology, engineering, and Math vocabulary and grammar.
STEM teaching method: integrating vocabulary teaching and practical grammar teaching in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
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