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Zhejiang/Wenzhou/Yueqing Private enterprises Educated/training 20-99 people
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Five social insurance and one
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Thomas Learning Center is a brand alliance training school with children's education as its core business. Thomas Educational Brand originated from St. Thomas School, an outstanding private school in the United States. St. Thomas School has been working to export English education to non-English-speaking countries in Asia and Africa and to spread modern civilization.
In 2011, with the establishment of Thomas Educational Institution in Beijing, Thomas Educational Brand entered China.
Since its inception, Thomas Education has established Thomas Learning Museum all over the country to meet the needs of English learning of children aged 3-15 and education convergence between kindergartens and primary schools aged 5-6. It has introduced the experience of Thomas brand in dozens of countries and regions around the world into China, and has achieved rapid development in just a few years.
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