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Jiangsu Province/Wuxi City/Jiangyin City Private enterprises Educated/training 50Million RMB under 20 people
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Since its establishment in 1997, global education has contributed 22 years to language training abroad. Over the past 22 years, global education has built a one-stop service education ecosphere including language training, studying abroad, international courses, overseas travel studies, online courses and so on. Global Education (IELTS) Jiangyin School has been stationed in Jiangyin for six years. We insist on student-centered, teaching services and teachers. In teaching, we should apply scientific entrance evaluation system to realize students'individualized learning, adopt unique & quot; global practical exam-oriented teaching mode & quot; pay attention to the learning process, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and build a one-stop Jiangyin International Education Platform.
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