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Guangdong Province/Jiangmen City/Pengjiang District Private enterprises Educated/training Million RMB 20-99 people
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Penguin Family English is currently the only global chain of children's English institutions. There are more than 300 kindergarten English centers in the world. Pingu's English, a teaching brand for 2-12 year-old children's second mother tongue, is launched by HIT, a well-known kindergarten entertainment group. It belongs to Linguaphone Group, a 100-year-old linguistic organization founded in 1901, and is the only certified brand of English for children in Cambridge's English system. Through the theory of multiple intelligences, spiral upward teaching method, experiential learning, combination of movement and quiet, and teaching with pleasure, it conforms to the characteristics of children's second language learning, and follows the cognitive development law of children to cultivate their second mother tongue.
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