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Jiangsu Province/Nantong City/Chongchuan District Private enterprises Educated/training 500Million RMB 20-99 people
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Founded in 2013, Chipmunk English is a private teaching institution approved by Nantong Education Bureau (license number: 132060270001091). The school has an area of 800 square meters, 10 classrooms, one multi-function room and seven educational administration offices. It adopts the international leading technology of full-electronic touch integrated large screen equipment for teaching. The largest enrollment of a single school can reach 900 students. Nantong Plus Training Co., Ltd. is a professional language training company specializing in children aged 3-14 years and young people. It is also one of the largest and most distinctive training companies in Nantong market.
The company's working environment is fashionable, relaxed and friendly, providing employees with huge promotion space and generous salary benefits. It is most suitable for you who are willing to accompany the company's continuous growth, diligence and steadfastness, and have a positive outlook.
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