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Beijing/Beijing/Haidian District Private enterprises Educated/training 100Million RMB 20-99 people
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Beijing Longcheng Ronghui Education Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-end and effective overseas training. Most of the company's founders have studied abroad. After returning home, they have been engaged in training in the field of overseas education, application for overseas study and other work. They have rich educational experience and overseas educational resources.
Brand 1: GSS International Summer School provides Ivy League credits courses for domestic high school students, college students and high school students and college students in the United States. Official website: http://www.gsseducation.org
Brand 2: GSS language training, TOEFL&SAT&ACT training for junior and senior high school students willing to study in the United States. Official website: http://www.gsspx.com
Brand 3: Giss Documents is a revision and polishing project based on Ivy current professor and a large number of excellent Native Speaker team. Official website: http://wenshups.com
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